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Cloudkicker Live with Intronaut

Oct 21, 2014

The Cloudkicker + Intronaut Collaboration Will Get a Live Album Release, and Here’s a Track From It MONDAY, OCTOBER 13TH, 2014 AT 10:30AM BY VINCE NEILSTEIN Cloudkicker’s tour with Intronaut as his backing band earlier this year was truly special. THAT FEELING in the room when a band is just ON, and everyone in the audience is… Read More »

Recording Studio, Austin, TX

Oct 21, 2014

CLOUDKICKER To Release Live With INTRONAUT Album POSTED BY ROBERT PASBANI ON OCTOBER 13, 2014 AT 5:17 PM During an off-date of Cloudkicker’s inaugural tour, in which Intronaut served as his backing band, the skilled musicians headed to Fathom Tree studio in Texas for a live-to-tape recording of their set. Now, it is getting ready to see the light… Read More »

Cloudkicker- Live with Intronaut, The Fathom Tree Recording Studio, Austin, TX

Oct 21, 2014

As you fans of Intronaut and Cloudkicker should know by now, there is a special Live Album being released on Century Media – November 24th.  It was quite the experience getting to capture this once in a lifetime event.  Here are some photos taken by Jack Newkirk.  If you ever need great photos… you need… Read More »

See You In The Morning – Fathom Tree, Recording Studio, Austin, TX

Sep 5, 2014

Some pics of these Rad dudes from a while back.   Recording Studio, Austin, TX

Eric and Jesse – Fathom Tree – Recording Studio, Austin, Tx

Sep 5, 2014

  Eric Holtz and Jesse Davila came in and dropped some fantastic pop/rocky/bluesy – they brought too many guitars !!!!

Legendary Skies with Kevin Butler

Aug 24, 2013

Super Excited to start tracking the Legendary Skies Album.  The Kevin Bulter will be in to help out with this one.  Looking to shake the Earth with this one !!!!


COSM’S visits Fathom Tree

Jul 19, 2013

Had some members from COSM’S over to the studio.  They are working up some new material and should be coming in to track a song in the near future.  They are currently hunting down a second guitar player…. anyone got an itch to play?

Legendary Skies update

Jul 19, 2013

Legendary Skies has been working hard at pre-production for their debut album….. we will be tracking for real – real soon.

Bright Like the Sun in the studio

Jul 19, 2013

Bright Like the Sun in the Fathom Tree working on a new track…. “An Awoken Dream on Broadway” – which usually is just referred to as “Broadway.”  Last few shows they have opened with this track.  We have some members from Legendary Skies that will be adding some horns to the piece.    This band… Read More »

Seven Circles in action

Jul 19, 2013

I love this band – CD release July 24th at The Parish, Austin, TX… Doors at 8:00pm.  Legendary Skies will open at 9:00pm.  Seven Circles at 10:00pm and Mescaline Esq. at 11pm.